The new border wall between US and Mexico is going to be built despite all the opposition. A border wall already exists in the area, but it Mexico is going to be extended or rebuilt. It is a major infrastructure and security project promoted by the new Trump administration. While it is still in its planning stage, it is already producing major effects on the influx of immigration from Mexico.

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How Big the New Wall Is Going to Be

The Department of Homeland Security has identified about 413 miles along the US-Mexico border that could benefit from the construction of a barrier. Some parts of the existing barriers will also have to be rebuilt or replaced because they are not functional. DHS will start collecting bids as of March 6th. In the meantime, the Center for Immigration Studies has determined that stopping as little as 9% of illegal aliens crossing the border would pay for the wall construction.

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Who Is Going to Pay for the Wall?

Actually, Trump has also repeated many times that he plans to have Mexico pay for the border. On the other side, the Mexican government is clearly against any proposal in that direction.

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What Is Happening on the Border Right Now

Trump’s policy is already effective because many illegal aliens are going back to Mexico. Furthermore, all the illegals apprehended at the border are immediately deported whenever possible.

The “catch are release” policy which was extant during the Obama’s administration is over. Now most illegals captured near the border go directly back to Mexico or go to jail pending deportation.

Mexico Overwhelmed By Tide of Illegal Aliens Returning

Mexican Migrant Shelters Notice Spike in Deportees Coming from the US

There has been hard opposition from the Democratic party. The Republican party is only providing lukewarm support. Yet the Trump Administration is fully committed to carrying forward the plan of securing part of the Southern Border already this year.