Deportation guidelines have been updated by a new memorandum just issued by the Department of Homeland Security. In addition to illegal immigrants with criminal charges, deportation will target a wider gamut of undocumented aliens.

  • People who have committed a criminal offense
  • Immigrants that have been charged with a criminal offense which hasn’t been resolved in a court of law
  • Anyone who has committed a chargeable offense
  • Individuals who have engaged in fraud to achieve a government benefit
  • Aliens that have abused a benefit program
  • Who was subject to a lawful removal order and has failed to comply with it
  • Persons who represent a risk to public safety or national security

See a full video comment on the widening of the classes affected by the deportation plans:

Trump Administration Increases Deportation Guidelines of Illegal Immigrants

The goal is not mass deportation. They want to give enough leeway to ICE officers so they can deal with undocumented immigrants that are found in the company of criminal aliens.

Homeland Security Outlines New Rules Tightening Enforcement Of Immigration Law

Trump Administration Issues New Immigration Enforcement Policies, Says Goal Is Not ‘Mass Deportations’

Expedited Removal Wherever Possible

The objective is to get an expedited removal whenever possible. It also discontinues the “catch and release” policy that had been enacted by the previous administration.

DHS Removes Obama’s ‘Handcuffs’ on Border Patrol Agents

Undocumented aliens with less than 2 in country, will me subject to expedited removal. That means that they will be deported without the intervention of a judge. Previously the limit was set at 2 weeks. In this case, no other requirement would apply. Any undocumented alien would be removed immediately when found.

Trump Reforms Will Remove Any Arrested Illegal Here Less Than 2 Years

For the time being people with DACA status, the so-called dreamers, won’t be removed unless they participate in illegal activities.

Trump to Spare U.S. ‘Dreamer’ Immigrants From Crackdown

Trump Puts Repeal of Obama Amnesty on Backburner

Homeland Security is actively searching and detaining people. The number are still well below the deportation figures of last year by the previous administration. Yet statistics show they are more focused on people with criminal backgrounds.