The arrests of illegal immigrants have increased by 250% in just one week. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has been particularly active in several areas of the country.

Arrests of Illegal Criminals Jumps 250% in One Week

More particularly, 82 people have been arrested during a 5 days operation in DC and Virginia. 153 undocumented immigrants have been arrested in Texas during a 12-day operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and immigration fugitives. Othe 26 arrests have been performed in Colorado and Wyoming. And several other individual arrests have been conducted throughout the nation for a total of more than 680 people.

The Department of Homeland Security is clearly pushing the envelope in the attempt to meet the objectives of the new administration. This increase deportation activity is also producing important side effects. Illegal crossings at the Southern Border have decreased at unprecedented levels.

Border Apprehensions Hit 17-Year Low in March

Yet the deported criminals could create instabilities in their original countries. A think tank has requested the administration to slow down deportations so to avoid destabilizing Central America.

Mass Deportations Create Fear Of Increased Gang Violence In Central America

A recent report from the FBI indicates that there are over 6,000 members of Ms-13 in the USA compared to 30,000 in Central America. If all the criminal aliens were to be deported swiftly from the United States, gang violence could suddenly rise in their homeland.

Deportation Priority: Almost Everybody

We have already seen a general increase of deportation activities in prisons and courthouses.

Judges Urge ICE to Stop Raids in Courthouses, DHS and DOJ Defend the Practice

DOJ Plans to Streamline Deportations With Quick Prison Hearings

Now DHS has made it clear that no-one will be safe. While they are still targeting mainly criminal aliens, they will deport anyone who is caught up in their nets.

No Immunity From Deportation for Crime Victims or Witnesses

Individuals who pose a risk to the country because of their criminal activities will be deported even though they are victims or witnesses in US trials. And they will be arrested in courthouses if applicable.

This new climate is already deeply affecting some areas, particularly sanctuary cities where illegal immigrants are more concentrated.

One-Third of LA Residents Fear Deportation Amid Illegal Immigration Crackdown

A US Governor’s Practical Advice for Immigrants Who Fear Being Deported Without Their Children

For Immigrants Fighting Deportation, a Push for Government-Funded Lawyers

Much more work is expected of immigration lawyers and judges in the months to come. And more activity is expected from civil rights organizations and local legislative bodies.