Minors illegal immigration and women illegal immigration has diminished by 93% since Donald Trump’s inauguration. This was the fastest-growing group of illegal immigrants under the previous administration. This steep reduction is due to a range of policies which have been implemented by the Department of Homeland Security to discourage women from crossing the border. There are steeper initial obstacles for asylum claims. Talk has been circulating about separating women and children at the border. Parents are prosecuted if they hire smugglers to get their families across the border.

What Caused Illegal Immigration Of Women And Children To Fall By 93% This Year?

Originally, illegal immigration from Mexico was not a problem because it consisted only of men who came as temporary workers. They would simply return to Mexico at the end the agricultural season. With the changes introduced by the Obama administration, women and children started to cross the border with the objective of staying in the US. They looked for a better welfare system and free education.

In December, 16,000 parents and children were caught trying to cross the Mexico border illegally. They were all released. In March the number of crossings always increases due to the better climate. Yet only about 1,100 women and children were caught this year. They are still released because the “catch and release” policy still applies to them. But with the perspective of separation, which was highly advertised on the media, they now prefer to stay home.

Confusion Pays off in Immigration

The policy followed by DHS is to create enough worry and confusion in prospective illegal immigrants, to make them stay home. We also see an increasing number of illegal immigrants that are leaving the country by themselves. A mechanism that is otherwise known as self-deportation.

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We also see a constant and steep increase in arrests and deportations to strengthen the atmosphere of uncertainty around undocumented immigrants. A DUI is enough to get into the ICE’s crosshairs.

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It is already a success for the current administration, based on its campaign promises. The opposition is fighting the deportation spikes, but not as successfully.

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So we will see an increase in raids and deportation and an increase in the number of people leaving the US voluntarily, plus a steady low number of illegal border crossings.