New Homeland Security directives modify deportation guidelines for illegal immigrants, indicating that it could target also illegal immigrants who have committed minor crimes. This would also include welfare fraud. Homeland Security has also the authority to deport anyone, who could be a risk for public safety.

Homeland Security has just issued two memoranda that clarify that they will focus on people who have committed criminal acts. They do not have the resources to round up 11 milion people and they have no intention of doing it.

The dreamers (DACA people) will not be deported, unless they participate in criminal activity.

Karl Rove, conservative commentator provides some data:

“74% of the people rounded up in the ICE raids had felony criminal records. Virtually all of them had some form of criminal record that was not a felony. For example they had an order to remove themselves from the country and had not. Or they had been charged with a criminal offense but had not been resolved.

The round-ups performed by president Obama got no more than 59% of the people who fell into the same hard core categories that generated the 74% last week.”

In response to the controversy created by dreamer boy who was captured in Seattle along with his father who was a drug dealer. Last year there were 2000 such people deported by the Obama administration and there was no complaint there,

The New Immigration Rules That Are in Place Now

These are the key elements of the new policy enacted by Homeland Security in the apprehension and deportation of illegal aliens.

  • Anybody who has committed a criminal offense
  • Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense but it hasn’t been resolved in a court of law
  • Anybody who has committed a chargeable offense
  • Somebody who has engaged in fraud to achieve a government benefit
  • Anybody who has abused a benefit program
  • Somebody who was subject to a lawful removal order and has failed to comply with it
  • Anybody who is a risk to public safety or national security

Bill O’Reilly gives an idea of what is going to come next.

“There are 950,000 people with deportation orders right now that haven’t been served. So you can expect in the next six months to a year that is going to be all hell breaking loose in this country because Homeland Security is going to go after those 950,000.”