Social activists and immigration attorneys can’t still figure out what is the real Dreamers future with Trump. The new President stated during his campaign that he wanted to immediately terminate the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) executive actions issued by the previous administration as soon as he got in office. Now it looks like he is favoring a legislative path to citizenship for those undocumented immigrants that were brought to the USA as children.

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President Donald Trump has also avoided mentioning DACA recipients in his executive orders on immigration, despite having promised intervention in the area.

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Such backtracking has been criticized by the hawks in his party which advocate a total roll-back of the DACA program.

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In the meantime, real-life application of new deportation procedures is involving Dreamers as well. Most notably two cases have made their way on the media. Daniela Vargas, a DACA recipient was arrested in Mississippi by ICE after participating in a press conference against deportation. She was detained in Louisiana and processed as a visa waiver overstay. She was scheduled for immediate deportation, but then she was released after protests.

Her father and brother had been previously arrested waiting for deportation and she had been hiding from ICE before coming to the conference asking for help. The whole family came from Argentina with an ESTA and overstayed. Daniela works in construction and was in the process to apply for a visa.

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The second relevant case is Daniel Ramirez Medina a Dreamers arrested together with a criminal alien in his father’s house in Seattle. The boy allegedly admitted to having been part of a gang which disqualifies him for DACA.

He is still detained in Tacoma and his attorneys together with civil-rights activists have filed a petition to a federal judge in Seattle. They require his release stating that he was forced to admit to gang membership and that he should be still protected under DACA.

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The Dreamers unclear situation is creating various responses and further arrests are being performed on Dreamers charged with criminal activities.

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This is going to be yet another immigration matter to be decided in court while the legislature lacks behind and the Trump administration is still reluctant to take executive action on Dreamers.