The travel ban recently enacted by a Presidential Executive Order has become the center of a fierce legal battle with frequent reversals. Several contradictory rulings have been given by different judges.

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Currently the ban is suspended according to the ruling of District Judge James Robart, from Washington state. The government appeal on this ruling is in progress, but it is possible it will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

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The Fight Is Beyond Politics

The fight is actually not only political. In addition to 16 Attorneys General from different states filing support for the suspension of the ban, dozens of tech companies have filed briefs against the ban. These companies fear further control on immigration would reduce their supply of foreign high tech personnel.

16 Attorneys General Filed Support Block on Trump’s Immigration Ban

 Apple, Facebook and 95 Others Join Legal Fight Against Trump Travel Ban

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The fight is going to escalate during the week and further changes are expected. The Department of Justice has filed the additional documents required by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which has denied to issue an immediate stay. A decisions will be taken on Tuesday 7th February after reviewing all the documents.

Byron York: Justice Department Demolishes Case Against Trump Order

In the meantime some of the people whole visas were suspended have entered the country during the week end. Whatever the outcome of the appeal, this will put anyone involved with USA immigration under pressure.