The refugee crisis has become a political minefield worldwide. In Europe, many countries that previously supported it are backpedaling. While the USA is torn in a fierce political battle that goes beyond parties and involves local states as well as all federal entities.

The political leadership in Germany admits problems connected with the huge resettlement programs it has promoted in the last years. It is now reducing it, while at the same starting deportations. Elections are coming up and all parties have become suddenly very keen to the matter

After Admitting Over One Million Migrants into Germany Merkel Admits Many are Terrorists

Merkel Ally Says Germany Must Tackle Benefit Fraud by Asylum Seekers

Merkel Admits ‘There Is No Doubt’ Some Migrants Pose A Security Threat

Italy is working with Libya to stop the arrival of refugees while new probes have started on NGO’s operating on refugees. They have also started deportations despite the pro-refugee position of the Vatican. The coming elections in Italy show a strong reinforcement of the two Italian populist parties that oppose refugee resettlement.

Boat Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’

Italian Prosecutor Probes NGOs for Refugee Smuggling

Italy Brokers Deal Between Dozens of Rival Libyan Tribes To Stem Migrant Crisis

Hillary’s Libyan Legacy Still Responsible for Invasion of Europe as Italy Panics

Italy to Speed up Migrant Asylum Decisions, Deportations

Pope Francis: Europe Migrant Crisis Is ‘Greatest Tragedy Since World War II’

The current election campaigns in France have the immigration situation as one of the main subjects.

Le Pen in the Lead: Vows to Dismantle Migrant Camps

Bruxelles Crisis on Refugee Resettlement

Eastern European countries are on collision course with the EU on refugees resettlement.

Refugee Crisis Puts EU on Collision Course with Central Europe

EU Threatens Legal Action if Poland, Hungary Refuse to Take in Migrants

EU Migrant Policy ‘Bad for Europe’, We Will Resist Blackmail, Says Polish PM

Sweden, a major refugee haven in Europe, has dramatically changed it official position in just a few weeks.

Swedish Anti-Mass Migration Party Score Record Polling Numbers after Attack

Anti-Immigration Party Becomes Largest Party in Sweden Following Islamist Terror Attack

Sweden will ‘NEVER GO BACK’ to mass immigration after Stockholm terror, says shocked PM

Turkey is literally starting a migration war with the rest of Europe.

Turkey Says “Migrant Deal Has Ended”, May Unleash Millions Of Refugees

Washington Mired Down in Legal and Political Battles on Refugees

With the travel ban still frozen and with appeals coming up in May, the White House has eased off the refugee problem altogether. This doesn’t sit well with many of the original Trump supporters that believe the new administration has basically given up on the issue.

Trump Is Resettling Syrian Refugees At A Much Quicker Pace Than Obama

US Officials Fingerprint Refugees on Manus Island as Part of US-Australia Resettlement Deal

Refugee Arrivals to Skyrocket Under New Trump Plan

The Democratic party is asking for an increase in refugee resettlements and the Hawaii judge who stopped the travel ban is demanding the admission of twice as many.

Maxine Waters Calls for Increase in Syrian Refugees to U.S.

Travel Ban 2.0 Being Challenged in Hawaii and More, Everything You Need to Know

Half of All Post-Election Refugees from Travel Ban Nation

Syrian Refugee Numbers Surpass 5 Million For The First Time, UN Reports

163 Syrian ‘Refugees’ Entered U.S. In Last 6 Days, All Muslim

Yet individual states continue their battle against the refugee resettlement program with even higher energy and intensity.

Tennessee Files Lawsuit To Lead Coalition, Demands Refugee Resettlement Program End Immediately

Current special elections in the US are proving unexpectedly challenging for Republicans. Trump is apparently losing some of his original support. With the health care and tax reforms bogged and no funds available for the border wall, the Trump administration might be forced to revamp its efforts on the refugee arena as part of the overall clamp down on immigration.