ICE raids are ramping up with a particular focus on sanctuary jurisdictions. The objective is to detain and eventually deport more convicted immigrants from those areas where they would otherwise feel safer.

ICE Targets ‘Sanctuary City’ Philadelphia in Arrest of 248 Criminal Illegals

ICE Arrests 61 Criminal Aliens in Nevada Roundup

Immigrant Arrested by ICE After Dropping Daughter off at School, Sending Shockwaves Through Neighborhood

ICE Raids Ramping up With New DHS Memoranda

In order to be more effective in this attempt, ICE started releasing a list of those jurisdictions that don’t cooperate. Surprisingly the worst offender appears to be Travis County in Texas. This has put even more fire on the existing fight between the Texas Governor and the Travis County Sheriff. The final result is more pressure on Texas state legislature to approve a statewide sanctuary ban.

Homeland Security Singles out 118 Sanctuary Jurisdictions That Thwart ICE

Cities Ignore ICE, Release Over 200 Criminal Illegals in One Week

Sanctuary Travis County Released 142 Criminal Aliens in Week, Says ICE

Austin, Texas, Dominates List of Jurisdictions That Don’t Cooperate With ICE

On the remaining sanctuary jurisdictions, the Trump Administration maintains its objective of cutting federal funds.

ICE Releases List Of Sanctuary Jurisdictions Set To Lose Federal Funding

The Stealth Sanctuary Approach and the Florida Sentence

Some areas have adopted a less visible approach. They try to protect illegal immigrants with training, documentation and legal support. At the same time, they don’t declare themselves sanctuary to avoid financial consequences.

DC Councilmember Holds Meeting Teaching Illegals How To Resist ICE

Stealth Sanctuary to Avoid Losing Federal Funds, Police Chief Pens Spanish Letter Assuring Illegal Aliens

In Florida, an attempt has been made to declare the detention of immigrants by the state unconstitutional. The sentence produced by a Miami-Dade judge claims that the Federal government has no power to compel state authorities to house Federal prisoners.

 Judge: Dade Holding Arrested Immigrants For ICE Is Unconstitutional

The sentence ruled against the county but produced no real effect. The county has appealed it based on lack of jurisdiction by the local judge to decide upon immigration matters. Florida was previously a sanctuary state but abandoned such a status after the Donald Trump got in office.

California Doubles Down on Its Sanctuary Position

On the other hand, California is spearheading the sanctuary state push. The first action has been a letter to Jonh Kelly and Jeff Sessions to stop “stalking” undocumented immigrants outside of California courthouses. ICE agents have adopted the practice of capturing convicted aliens directly outside or inside court facilities, after being getting no results with other methods.

California Judge Tells Off ICE Officials in Open Letter: Their Job Is Not ‘Stalking’ Immigrants

The state even asked for details on the arrests being performed. The Golden state is home to nearly 3 million illegal immigrants among a total non-citizen population of 5.4 million.  Trump recently broadened the categories of people to target for immigration enforcement. It can be anyone charged with a crime, thus removing an Obama-era exception for people convicted of traffic misdemeanors.

California Demands Details of Trump Administration Immigration Arrests

Los Angeles Goes All the Way

More specifically, the city of Los Angeles has taken a more direct stance restricting city employees from cooperating with federal immigration officials. Los Angeles has been protecting illegal immigrants since 1979 by prohibiting officers from asking about the immigration status of criminals. They ramped those efforts up in 2014 when the LAPD stopped honoring ICE requests to detain illegals after they’ve been arrested for nonviolent crimes.

Los Angeles Doubles Down on Protecting Illegals

Los Angeles Mayor Expands Immigrant Protections

LA Tells Firefighters, Airport Police Not To Cooperate With ICE

The Trump Administration will continue to ramp up ICE activities, with the enrollment of 1,000 new agents in the short term. Yet it doesn’t seem to target California as a sanctuary state as yet. More likely the first Federal versus state confrontation is going to be in Maryland, where they can count on a Republican governor opposed by a Democratic legislature. In the meantime, Texas might become the first anti-sanctuary state.