Judge Napolitano comments on the constitutionality of the travel ban which was issued by President Donald Trump and that has been suspended by a court order. Following the recent ruling of the 9th Circuit of Appeals Court upholding the ban’s suspension,┬ápresident Trump has vowed to continue the battle in court.

Judge Napolitano has defended the President’s criticism of the judges involved in the restraining order preventing the travel ban to go into effect. “Their questions, both the trial judge, judge Robart and the three appellate judges were making political questions. They all said what studies did he rely on to chose the 7 countries. That is an irrelevant question. Their job is not to second guess him, not decide if he was smart or prudent. But just to decide if his behavior was constitutional and lawful.”

“Is Donald Trump’s order constitutional? It is so crystal clear that it is. The statute that he read to the police chiefs yesterday is exactly right on point.”