Fox News Research has produced a detailed recap on the current status of the southern border fencing.

654 miles long – covering about 1/3 of the border

Typically 18 ft high with steel pickets or concrete and bollards (short thick posts)

354 miles of pedestrian fencing

300 miles of vehicular fencing

The main wall is sometimes supplemented by a secondary fencing. These are the data of this additional barrier:

  • 37 miles which back up 6% of the primary fence
  • Typically 15 feet high
  • Built with horizontal rails in form of steel tubes & fence fabric that is either mesh or perforated metal sheeting


Some of the existing barriers will have to be replaced because they are either ineffective or are problematic. The landing mat type is the worst. It is built of the same material used for helicopter landing mats during the Vietnam war. It obstructs the line of sight of border patrol agents and provides cover to Mexican illegals moving along the border.