Maryland on the verge of declaring sanctuary status while controversy explodes on alleged Maryland school rape conducted allegedly by two immigrants, one of them undocumented and slated for deportation. Parents in Rockville, Maryland are both furious and terrified about the safety of their children.

They are demanding answers as to why two immigrants were admitted as freshmen students without criminal background checks. One the parents speaks out: “What is the next step to make our kids safe. I have another daughter coming next year

“What is the next step to make our kids safe. I have another daughter coming next year here. The law that governs that immigration, that put a kid illegally in this school. This is more my concern than anything else.”

Parents want to have the school applying parameters to keep the worst of the worst out. They are shocked that boys of 18 and 17 years of age have been put in the same classroom as a 14 years old.

The Two Suspects Have Both Crossed the Mexican Border Illegally

One of the suspects is an 18-year-oldd Henry Sanchez-Milian who was stopped by ICE in 2016 while illegally crossing the Texas border. The other suspect is 17-year-old Jose Montano was also apprehended at the Southern border and targeted for deportation proceedings.

They are both charged as adults of forcing their young classmate into a school bathroom and maliciously violating her during her school hours.

Rockville is not yet a sanctuary city but is debating the possibility of becoming one.  The county is notorious for failing to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.

The State of Maryland Democratic legislature is voting to become the first sanctuary state in the US. The Republican Governor promises on his side to veto any bill in such direction.

Full-Scale Battle Mounting in Maryland Immigration Cases

This case is bound to be at the center of attention for quite some time.