Leaks on the new travel ban could hamper its smooth adoption and could give ammunition to opposition. This week the White House is expected to issue a new version of the travel ban which originally addressed 7 countries. AT least four of the countries included in the travel ban are failed states. There is no way to vet anybody coming from them. Vetting is typically done through their home country security services and since there is none, no vetting is really possible. Lybia, Yemen, Syria or Somali don’t have any functioning organization in those areas. Iran does have them, but it is a state sponsor of terrorism.

A new leaked report from the Department of Homeland security is creating problems to the administration on the new travel ban expected this week. The report undermines the administration’s assessment and it will make it harder to enact it and defend it in court.

Gillian Turner, previously a member of the National Security Council in the White House with Obama and G. W. Bush, states:

“There are some pretty damning perspectives on the new travel ban that is sort of setting up a road that is going to be treacherous for the administration.”

There are members of the civil services who are actively trying to undermine the administration policy. Leaking is a major problem. It was already during the Obama administration and it is set to remain one for a long time.