Undocumented students coordinator is the new position created by the University of Maryland in the effort to support illegal immigrants. It’s a bit unclear what such a coordinator would do. Yet the statements by the university spokesperson indicate a pretty vast area of action.

“As part of the university’s ongoing commitment to undocumented students… We are assigning a UMD staff person to serve as a coordinator to address the immediate needs of the undocumented student population.”

Sterling Beard, editor in chief of Campusreform.org, gives his take on this move. Maryland is right now at the center of a very severe confrontation on immigration and this is just an additional move in the direction of a sanctuary state.

Several universities around the country already provide different types of services to undocumented immigrants. They range from legal support, tuition support, cultural and integration assistance.

Why Are They Doing This and Is It a Mistake?

Undocumented students have demanded this sort of assistance from UMD. Beard considers it a mistake because it just invites more requests. They won’t be done with demands and they will keep asking for more, at the expense of the university.

They will soon require legal support and a team of attorneys on standby to provide assistance. For example, last fall the University of Chicago gave an illegal immigrant student $ 300,000 roughly to attend that private prestigious university. That is an amount that could be going to Americans for example who can’t afford to go to college normally. It could also be used to reduce the price of tuition for other students already there or for immigrant students who are in the United States legally.

According to Sterling Beard, this would be a more proper usage of that money. These universities usually have honor codes which require students not to cheat, steal or lie. Yet they help these students cheat the immigration law.